Designs have been unveiled for enhanced children’s spaces at the new and renovated Spokane Public Library locations. Each library play space will be an access point to a whimsical alternate reality that draws on familiar features of Spokane’s landscape and culture. This unified world will encourage visitors to continue their journey at other library locations. Around the bend, under the bridge, between those trees – find your way into Spokane’s hidden worlds.

“When the Library Bond passed in 2018, the number one requested improvement from our community was improved children’s spaces,” said Andrew Chanse, Executive Director, Spokane Public Library.

To make that request come to life, Spokane Public Library engaged Luci Creative, a Chicago-based children’s playscape design firm, to develop six whimsical children’s spaces for the Central Library (formerly Downtown), Shadle Park, Liberty Park, Hillyard, Indian Trail, and South Hill. The children’s play and learning areas will not exceed $1.8M for design services which includes fabrication and installation of the design work to be fully funded from interest earnings.

“Luci Creative was the perfect partner to help us design creative spaces that will provide a playful environment and generate a love of libraries, literacy, and learning in the future generations of Spokane,” said Chanse.

Large-scale, natural elements will add a fantasy vibe while artsy textures and patterns give the space a handmade feel that kids can relate to. The native flora and fauna of Spokane will mingle with a friendly cast of characters, and will be used throughout the play spaces in both environmental graphics and dimensional elements. All of the children’s spaces include integrated shelving for books (to augment traditional shelving) and seating for reading.

“These new children’s library play spaces will mean so much to our community and the future children of Spokane,” said Mayor Nadine Woodward. “It’s almost as if the Library has created a new network of indoor parks for our community.”

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At a Glance: Central Library

  • Size: 2,380 square feet
  • Theme: River Rumpus
    • Dive into the river on a tour with Goat, and discover an unexpected world of sunken secrets. Slide down the waterfall or traverse the submerged logs. Take a turn at the wheel of the boat wreck, or climb into the gondola submarine for a spin. Little ones crawl into the belly of a fish to find play opportunities just for them.
  • Mascot: Goat
  • Opening: Spring 2022



At a Glance: Shadle Park

  • Size: 1,500 square feet
  • Theme: Moose’s Market
    • Grab your overalls and spend a day with Farmer Moose, planting and harvesting crops, and manning the veggie stand for hungry critters. Tired after a hard day of work? Take some time off in the burrows beneath the garden, or climb to the carrot tops and slide back down in the tunnel. For the littlest ones, the flower garden is a safe spot to discover what might hide between the blooms.
  • Mascot: Moose
  • Opening: Summer 2021


At a Glance: Liberty Park

  • Size: 1,150 square feet
  • Theme: Sasquatch Shack
    • Pitch your tent and take a walk through the forest where the local Sasquatch families live peacefully. Climb up into the trees and slide down a branch, make yourself at home in a Sasquatch hut, or gather round the fire for a story. Whether you’re peeking through binoculars, or crawling into a giant log, this is sure to be a camping trip unlike any other.
  • Mascot: Sasquatch
  • Opening: Summer 2021


At a Glance: Hillyard Library

  • Size: 1,020 square feet
  • Theme: Mt. Shaw
    • Float on up to this mystical mountain among the clouds where mama mountain lion is raising her cubs. Take in the view from the peak, leave your mark in chalk on the cave wall, or tunnel in and curl up with a book. Little ones find their own cozy space among the cumulus, with sensory play and plenty of room to crawl.
  • Mascot: Mountain Lion & Osprey
  • Opening: Fall 2021




At a Glance: Indian Trail

  • Size: 500 square feet
  • Theme: Basalt Burrow
    • Paddle, swim, or hop on over to the shores of Mr. Marmot’s island, where he’s dug out a cave for you to explore. Climb the boulder or burrow under with a book and discover what’s inside the cave. Bring the little ones along – there’s plenty of space to crawl in the boat.
  • Mascot: Marmot
  • Opening: Spring 2022


At a Glance: South Hill

  • Size: 650 square feet
  • Theme: Turkey Treetops
    • Step into the treetops and take a stroll around the block in this avian community. Climb through and crawl under the coop, or put on a show at the puppet theater. In the nest, little ones have space to explore their world safely.
  • Mascot: Turkey
  • Opening: Spring 2022


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