Hello, Spokane business community. I need your help.

The economic impact of our current health crisis has yet to be determined, but by all accounts, it’s going to be rough. That leads me to a question: what are the tools/resources that were valuable to your business a month ago that don’t necessarily pencil going into the future? A subscription to a particular platform? Paid access to a specific block of data? Resources that were great to have in good times but not essential?

Here’s why I ask: The Spokane Public Library has gotten good at crowd sourcing funds to make top-shelf resources available to our entire community. Take PitchBook as an example. Thanks to Greater Spokane Incorporated, Health Sciences & Services Authority (HSSA), Ignite, SPOKANE ANGEL ALLIANCE, CoMotion at University of Washington (and more to come), the library is able to get access to a tool that would likely fall beyond the reach of any one local entity. As it stands right now, we are the only public library in the nation that has access to PitchBook’s data.

So… shout out the resources you’d like to have going forward. It’s my job to try to go out and round them up for you. The more we can pool and share our resources, the stronger Spokane will be coming out of this. Please share widely.